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Sponsored by China Overseas Exchanges Association and organized by Chinese Culture Development Center, 2011“Cultures of China Talk by Master” is held from May 2 to May 5, 2011 in Los Angeles and Houston. This year’s event features China’s most prominent scholar on historiography studies, Dr. Ge Jianxiong, who brings to American audiences his research on Evolution of Chinese Territorial Culture, History of Chinese Immigration, and Historical Geography of Tibet. 
The event is held at University of Southern California on May 2, 2011, University of California Los Angeles on May 3, and University of Houston on May 5. 

Ge Jianxiong
Director of Fudan University Library, Shanghai China 
Professor of Chinese Historical Geography, Fudan University 

Dr. Ge Jianxiong is China’s leading scholar on historiography studies. He has published numerous books on Chinese historical geography and migration, including Population Geography of the Western Han Dynasty; History of Migrations in China; Changes of Boundaries and Administrative Divisions in China, etc. 

Dr. Ge is also a well-known public intellectual in China, writing several extremely popular columns and blogs in mainstream Chinese media on globalization and China’s role in the world affairs. 

In addition to his academic prestige, Dr. Ge has been invited to speak by several famous Chinese TV stations, including Chinese Central Television (CCTV), Phoenix TV and Hunan TV.
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