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The Compelling Views – Mr. Bo Hong’s Chinese Painting Exhibitions in California

Sponsored by Yi Yan Society USA, All Star Show American, and Chinese Culture Development Center, The Compelling Views – Mr. Bo Hong’s Chinese Painting Exhibitions in California is held on September 17, 2011 at the China Press Exhibition Hall.

The Exhibition invites audience in Los Angeles to appreciate over 100 pieces of Bo Hong’s works, most of which are landscape paintings. Among the works there are award-winning paintings such as a masterpiece “Views of Luofou Mountain". For those who like flowers and birds paintings, you can find your favorite ones here too. These works represent Hong’s achievements in the last decade.

Mr. Bo HongMr. Bo Hong

Mr. Bo Hong, also known as Chu Hai Tang Zhu, was born in Guangdong, China, and now resident of the United States of America. Mr. Hong is the member of China Artists Association, as well as consultant of two American art institutes - Genuine Fine Art Gallery and Yi Yan Society. His art is known for its fresh and vigorous style. Bo Hong’s works have been published in "Fine Arts", "The painter", "Art Observation", "Chinese Painting and Calligraphy", "Rong Bao Zhai," "The Chinese", and many other newspapers and magazines. Organizations such as UCLA Library, Shenzhen City Library and Chaoshan Cultural Research Center have been collecting his works.

In 2005, one of his paintings "The Hillside Woods" won Excellence Award in “The First Freehand Style Painting Exhibition”. In 2007, another work “The Woody Dale” participated the “Third National Exhibition of Chinese Paintings”. In 2009, “The Song of Pines and Springs”, as part of Mr. Hong’s arts tour in the US, received praises from the Congress, Los Angeles government and the Chinese Embassy. In 2010, "Cloud Among the Peaks" won Excellent Award in exhibition "Exciting Pageant, Everlasting Culture", an event for celebrating the Asian Games which was held in Guangzhou. 
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