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Traveling photo exhibit shares the legendary friendship of China and the United States during World War II

Pacific Aviation Museum Pearl Harbor, the site of  America's first aviation battlefield, serves as the first stop of the “National Memories” 2015 United States tour, from March 14, 2015 to July 31, 2015.  The exhibit, which first went on display in the southern Chinese city of Shenzhen in 2010, has toured through Mainland China and Taiwan.
Through the use of imagery and more than 100 historic photos taken by the 164th US Signal Photo Company in the China Burma India Theater, “National Memories” brings to life the unusual and little known camaraderie that existed between Chinese and U.S. soldiers as their countries joined forces during World War II.
Photos in the “National Memories” Hawaii Exhibit not only feature renowned historical figures, such as Lt. Gen. Claire Lee Chennault of the Flying Tigers, but also present a depiction of the soldiers, combat medics, and civilians from both countries. From tropical jungles to arid hinterland, and from populous cities to remote villages, they fought, lived, and won the war with tenacity, bravery, optimism and sacrifices.  
National Memories Exhibition opens on March 14, 2015. Important guests who attended the ceremony include: Ms. Deidre Tegarden, Chief of Protocol and representative of Governor of Hawaii, Mr. Lushan Sun, Deputy Consul General of PRC Consulate General in Los Angeles, Mr. Ronald Hays, Admiral (Retired) U.S. Navy, Ms. Alenka Remec, representative of Mayor of Honolulu, Ms. Jan Berris, Vice President of National Committee on United States-China Relations, Mr. Ernest Martin, Chairman of Honolulu City Council, Rep. Calvin Say, Hawaii House of Representatives, Rep. Scott Saiki, Hawaii House of Representatives, Rep. Karl Rhoads, Hawaii House of Representatives, Ms. Carol Fukunaga, councilmember of Honolulu City Council, former State Chief Justice, former State Attorney General, former Mayor of Honolulu, representatives of the co-organizers and partners, among other guests from military, academia, and Chinese community. 

"National Memories" is supported by China Overseas Exchange Association in cooperation with Pacific Aviation Museum Pearl Harbor, Rhythm Media Group, Inc., and Chinese Chamber of Commerce of Hawaii, and partnered with National Committee on United States – China Relations, Committee of 100, Dr. Sun Yat-sen Hawaii Foundation, East West Center, Stilwell Scholarship, US China Peoples Friendship Association – Western Region, Hawaii Chinese Tourism Association and Sino US Performing Arts Organization.
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