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Summer Camp, July 19 to August 3, Beijing and Shanghai

2010 “China Root-Seeking” Summer Camp - Beijing & Shanghai


“China Root-Seeking” summer camp program is held by Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of State Council and China Overseas Exchange Association to help overseas Chinese American youth learn Chinese language, understand Chinese history and culture, and promote the exchanges between those young people living both in China and abroad through the event.

Consists of Chinese language and culture class, training of Chinese art, and exchange program with local Chinese youth students, and visit to historical and cultural attractions, this year’s summer camp is held from July 19th and August 3rd 2010 (15 days) in Beijing and Shanghai, with the following schedule:

July 19 – July 23    “Meet in Shanghai, Join at Expo” Shanghai Camps 
July 24 – July 28    “Chinese Root Seeking” Beijing Camp 
July 28 – August 3 “Chinese Cultural Learning" Beijing Chinese Language and Culture College training 

Application Deadline: April 11,2010 

China Overseas Exchange Association 
Shanghai Overseas Exchanges Association

Exclusive Local Partner:
Chinese Culture Development Center
a) Shanghai “Meet in Shanghai, Join at Expo” ---- Overseas Chinese Youth Summer Camp (about 3,000 students/activities including visiting Expo, experiencing the City making Better Life - theme of the Expo activities, balloon flying of harmony, Evening Huangpu River tour, Oriental Pearl Tower tour, the Yuyuan Garden tour and watching the “Cosmic Voyage" of Shanghai Science and Technology Museum and the Chinese acrobatic show, etc.). 

b) Beijing “China Root Seeking” Summer Camp (about 6,000 students /activities including not only the tour of the Forbidden City, Great Wall, Temple of Heaven, Tiananmen Square, but also the visits to the Olympic Stadium as Nest and the Water Cube, etc.) 

c) Beijing Chinese language and Culture College “Chinese Culture Learning Camp” includes learning more about Chinese history and culture, and taking classes such as calligraphy, handicraft art, Chinese painting and Chinese martial arts. 

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