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2012 "Cultures of China Festival of Spring" LA Spring Show
2012 "Cultures of China Festival of Spring" LA Spring Show
January 29, 2012
Pasadena Civic Auditorium

Known as the "Spring Festival," Chinese Lunar New Year is a moment for joy, laughter, and celebration, a moment where the amazing Chinese cultures unveil its most charming side. 

2012 "Cultures of China Festival of Spring" Los Angeles Chinese Spring Festival Celebration Show is co-organized by China Overseas Exchange Association, Hubei Provincial Overseas Exchange Association, Rhythm Media Group Inc., the China Press, and Chinese Culture Development Center. This year's Festival proudly invites top-notch and award-winning performers from China and presents the marvelous Chinese performing arts—folk songs, dance, Peking Opera, and Huangmei Opera—to the American public on the night of January 29, 2012 at Pasadena Civic Auditorium. 

Kuizhi Yu

Kuizhi Yu, the deputy president and the art director of China National Peking Opera Company, is a widely influential Peking Opera artist in the contemporary China. He is ranked as the first "Lao Sheng" (elder actor) of Peking Opera. His representative performances are "Loss of Jie Ting", "Empty City", "Chopped Ma Su", "Wu Zixu", "Si Lang Visits His Mother" and etc. 

Chi Yang

Chi Yang is the President of Dalian Peking Opera Theater.  He is the outstanding successor of Yuan Style Performance of Peking Opera,  and also the winner of Plum Performance Award, which is the Chinese national top dramatic reward. His representative performances are "Farewell My Concubine", "Black Whirlwind Li Kui" and etc.

Shengsu Li

Shengsu Li is the main actress in China National Peking Opera Company. Her distinguished performances bring her the name of the successor of Mei Lanfang, the old Peking Opera master . Her representative performances include "Farewell My Concubine", "The Legend of White Snake", "The Drunken Beauty", "Si Lang Visits His Mother" and so on.

Jihong Lv

Jihong Lv is a famous Chinese tenor and a member of Chinese Musicians Association. He is well-known for his performance at CCTV Spring Festival Gala and other popular celebration shows. His representative songs include "We the Common People", "the Red Coral", etc.

Hongwei Wang
Hongwei Wang is a well-known tenor of Chinese folk music, specially Chinese western folk music. Because of his amazing treble, he receives the praise of The Prince of Western Romantic Songs. His representative works are "The song of the West", "Far away from Home", and "The Love of China". 

Wei Lv

Wei Lv is a famous soloist of Chinese folk music. She is also a nationwide famous singer in China whose representative albums are "China Red" and "Spring to Spring". 


Jun Yang
Jun Yang is a famous Huang-mei Opera artist, named one of the ‘Five Golden Flowers’ of Huang-mei Opera. She is the winner of Plum Performance Award. Her representative performances are "Goddess Marriage" and "Female Consort Prince".

Liyan Zhong
Liyan Zhong is a famous youth soloist. Based on her recent excellent performances, she is praised as the most promising mezzo-soprano in China. 

Hubei  Youth  Troupe
Hubei Youth Troupe was established in 1982. During nearly 30 years, this troupe has performed more than 3000 times and created many distinguished dance performances. These outstanding works won the troupe lots of nationwide rewards and ranked the troupe as one of the best troupes in Hubei Province.
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