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2010 “Cultures of China Splendid Sichuan”
2010 “Cultures of China Splendid Sichuan”
November 7, 2010
Pasadena Civic Auditorium

Known as the “Land of Abundance”, Sichuan province is located in Southwestern China, and is famous for the rich agricultural and mineral resources. On May 12, 2008, Wenchuan county of Sichuan province was hit by a 8.0 magnitude earthquake, which caused large casualty and uncountable losses. In the wake of the disaster, people of Sichuan stood up strongly and bravely. With all domestic and international altruistic aids, Sichuan come through the disaster, and rebuilds a prosperous new hometown.

This November, Chinese Culture Development Center is honored to invite Sichuan Song and Dance Group, known for their spectacular presentation of the folk art and culture in Sichuan, to perform at Pasadena Civic Auditorium on November 7, 2010. Organized by China Overseas Exchange Association and Sichuan Provincial Government, “Cultures of China Splendidi Sichuan” performance, along with two photographic exhibitions, “The Splendid Sichuan” and “Come Through Disaster - Sichuan Earthquake Documents”, presents Sichuan people’s positive and passionate attitude for better life and deliver sincere greetings to all the audience in Los Angeles and American Chinese people who care and help their reconstruction and development.
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