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Chinese Culture Development Center

Founded in 1995, Chinese Culture Development Center (CCDC) is a L.A.-based cultural organization dedicated to enhancing the understanding and appreciation of Chinese tradition, arts, history, and language in the U.S.

Since its establishment, CCDC has successfully held various cultural and educational events in California, Arizona, Hawaii, and Texas, earning prestigious reputation within Chinese communities and among the mainstream society. Major cultural brands and programs CCDC has created or managed include Cultures of China Festival of Spring L.A. Spring Show, Los Angeles Chinese Photographic Festival, China Root-Seeking Summer Camp, among others.

With a strong conviction of global multicultural community and a brighter future between the U.S. and China, CCDC has endeavored to build a closer cultural connection between the Chinese and American public, promote deeper understanding of Chinese American communities in the U.S., and pass on the cultural inheritance to future generations.

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